Mullinore was a captain in the Imperial Navy and commanding officer of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Basilisk placed under the command of Admiral Daala to protect the Maw Installation. Born on Taanab, he learned to always keep a formal air.


When the Sun Crusher was stolen by Han Solo and Kyp Durron, in the process destroying the Star Destroyer Hydra, Daala ordered Mullinore to take the Basilisk in pursuit of the stolen superweapon. Amidst following the Sun Crusher, Mullinore was forced into a battle between Moruth Doole's fleet on Kessel and Solo's Millennium Falcon, which left the Basilisk damaged.

Later, Mullinore would participate in actions against a New Republic colony on Dantooine and an assault on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Mon Calamari. During the battle, Mullinore would bear witness to the destruction of the Star Destroyer Manticore. Following the battle, Mullinore and his vessel retreated to the Cauldron Nebula where Daala began plans for a suicide attack on Coruscant where the Basilisk would ram itself into the planet's surface, piloted by a skeleton crew. Initially, Mullinore did not take news of his ship's destruction well, but eventually agreed to the plan and even volunteered to captain the vessel to its death. Before Daala's plans could be realized, Durron arrived with the Sun Crusher and set the nebula into supernova. The resulting explosion destroyed the Basilisk and all remaining hands onboard, Mullinore among them.



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