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"Sinrich. Inventor of the Holographic Disguise Matrix."
Count Dooku[src]

Multispectrum disguise suites, also known as holographic disguise matrix, holomasks, shadow hologram, holoshroud and holoflage were a type of holoprojector technology developed to disguise individuals, structures, and objects. They could be built into handheld devices, droids, and buildings.


A handheld projection device.

Multispectrum disguise suites were a series of high-definition holoprojectors that were employed across the galaxy by governments, criminal organizations, private companies, and private citizens for security, privacy, and espionage purposes. More advanced models incorporated speech scramblers, scanners, and bio-sign generators, that only reinforced the disguise.[1]

Many variations of the disguise suite were in production by the time of the Galactic Civil War and had a wide range of effectiveness. Standard models had a low memory capacity that prohibited from storing more than a single image, and its power supply was exhausted after only two minutes, unless it was attached to a larger source. Portable ones could be carried in hand, worn on a belt, or used to project a mask over the wearer's face (also called a holomask). Camouflage suits could be worn by individuals, and would take readings of the visual spectrum surrounding the user, while the holoprojector would display the readings on the wearer itself. By doing so, the device would make the user appear as their surroundings, essentially rendering them invisible. However, if the user moved too quickly, it would cause the image being projected to blur, and become distorted.

Others were incorporated into the facades of buildings to disguise entrance ways, projecting a mostly pre-rendered image over the target. While more expensive models projected a high-quality image that was incredibly realistic, some models had a tell-tale "flicker" to them. While too fast for the normal eye to perceive, the flicker was known to allow some droids, cameras, and other sensors to detect that something was amiss. A holoflage was a hologram used to hide a doorway or other surface.


A belt-projector in use.

The technology's development was attributed to the bounty hunter called Sinrich.[4]

During the Clone Wars, several bounty hunters took on a mission to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on Naboo. The hunters, Twazzi, Embo, Derrown, and Cad Bane used four of these devices to disguise themselves as three Senate Guards and a Neimoidian, respectively.[3]

Cybot Galactica incorporated a CQ-3.80 disguise suite into the TC-SC infiltration droids which, combined with the droid's exhaustive cultural and behavioral databases, presented a formidable disguise.[1]

Daxtorn Lethos, a bounty hunter, used a holographic belt to create disguises for himself.



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