"I'm going to make a soldier of you."
"It's a noble profession. You're tough and smart, and you'll be a great soldier. It's what Mandalorians do."
―Munin Skirata and Falin Mattran[src]

Munin Skirata was a male Human Mandalorian soldier, and member of Clan Skirata. On a particular mission to planet Surcaris, he found a young boy named Falin Mattran, living on the war torn streets and surviving on his own. Impressed with the boy, Skirata took it upon himself to train the boy as a Mandalorian and later adopt Mattran as his own son, giving him the new name of Kal Skirata.


"Why didn't you kill me? You kill everyone else."
"Because you don't have parents, and me and my missus don't have a son, so it sort of makes sense that we do what Mandalorians always do—that we take you in, train you, set you up to be a soldier and a father yourself. Don't you want that?"
―Falin Mattran and Munin Skirata[src]

Approximately fifty years before the Battle of Geonosis and the Clone Wars, Munin Skirata and a group of other Mandalorian mercenaries came to the planet Surcaris to fight. While there, Skirata found a seven-year-old boy, Falin Mattran, living on the streets like a wild animal. The boy had attacked Skirata with his dead father's three-sided knife, but Skirata was able to calm Mattran and took the child with him back to the Mandalorians' camp. He would call the boy "Kal"—"knife" in Mando'a—and, confiding in his comrade Jun Hokan, Munin expressed his pride in the courageous young boy. As he shared a bowl of soup with Mattran in the camp, Skirata told him of his intentions to adopt him and explained the allure of a chance at a new life. Although initially hesitant, Mattran quickly warmed up to Munin when the veteran soldier comforted the traumatized child after he had nightmares about his dead father and destroyed home. Munin would indeed adopt Falin, from then on known as Kal Skirata, as his son and raise him as a Mandalorian.

Years after Munin had passed away, Kal would pass his armor on to Bardan Jusik, a Jedi Knight who would leave the Jedi Order to become a Mandalorian, and later become Kal's adopted son and Munin's adopted grandson.



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