"This place may be a dump, but at least we're not gonna drown or get eaten by a sea monster here."
―Tobias Beckett[src]

Munt Ontdal was a space station. Tobias Beckett and his crew arrived on the station after stealing blank ID chips on Hovun IV. Once the crew was on the station, they were confronted by Enfys Nest, who wished to steal the ID chips from them.


After stealing a supply of blank identichips from Dvorad on Hovun IV, Tobias Beckett and his crew took them aboard the Rampart. Expecting to meet with Dryden Vos, who they thought that assigned them the job, Rio Durant landed the ship in Pad Nineteen, and Beckett exited on a 74-Z speeder bike.[1]

Enfys and Beckett

Enfys Nest ambushes Beckett

Instead of finding Vos and the Crimson Dawn waiting for him, he discovered that they had been tricked when several Cloud-Riders ambushed him. Beckett killed several of his attackers, but was hit in the head by Enfys Nest's electroripper staff. Nest revealed that she had hijacked Crimson Dawn's communications to assign them the mission, and demanded that Beckett tell her where he had hidden them. To prevent Nest getting the ID chips, Beckett used a detonator to destroy the Rampart, knocking both his crew and Nest's Cloud-Riders aside. Val and Rio dragged a reluctant Beckett away from the chance to kill Enfys, and were met by several stormtroopers as they left the area. Beckett lied, telling the stormtroopers that the explosion was due to a ship using black market fuel, and the stormtroopers let them leave. Beckett traded a credit chip for a Sullustan's cloak, and suggested using their death priest scam again.[1]


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