"For your dining enjoyments, sirs, we offer, uh…"
"Mupple pies, sir."
"…mupple pies."
―Mungo Baobab and C-3PO[1]

Mupple pies were a type of pie sold on the planet Roon. In 15 BBY, the Human Mungo Baobab and his droid C-3PO stole some mupple pies from a pair of aliens and used them to distract a pair of security guards in the Fortress of Tawntoom.


"They're free."
―Mungo Baobab convinces the guards to eat pie[1]

Mupple pies were a type of round pie. The pies were beige and edible by Humans. They were made from mupples,[1] native to the planet Roon.[2]


"More. More!"
―The guard demands more pie[1]

The guards enjoy some pie.

In 15 BBY,[3] a pair of alien merchants were selling mupple pies on the planet Roon when another merchant, the Human Mungo Baobab, and his protocol droid, C-3PO, needed a disguise to get into the Fortress of Tawntoom, the headquarters of local Governer Bisad Koong. After noticing the merchants, the pair bound them with rope and stole their cloaks and pies, intending to pose as pie sellers. With the steaming pies in hand, Baobab and C-3PO went up to two security guards posted at the entrance, who forced them to halt. Baobab, at the suggestion of his droid, offered pies for the guards to enjoy. The guards asked them to move forward, but Baobab needed a distraction, so he offered them each a pie at no cost.[1]

The two guards accepted the new offer, enjoying the pies while C-3PO smuggled in his shrunken droid counterpart, R2-D2, who went to find Auren and Nilz Yomm—Baobab's friends who had been captured. Later, while waiting for R2-D2 to return, he began to worry that the pies' distraction would soon wear out. Indeed, just as the Yomms returned, the guards demanded more pie from Baobab and the droid. In order to again distract them, C-3PO pointed to the escaped prisoners, whom the security guards immediately ran after. However, the guards were quickly run down and apprehended by Baobab.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mupple pie appeared in "The Frozen Citadel," the thirteenth and final episode of the Star Wars: Droids animated series,[1] which aired on November 30, 1985.[4]


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