The Murachaun were sentient reptilians indigenous to Nahsu Minor in the Ktilac Regions.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The average Murachaun stood almost two meters or more in height, and was covered with scales that could be blue, burgundy, or red in coloration. They were herbivorous.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

The Murachaun developed a common culture and quasi-religion with the other two ruling species of the Ktilac Regions, the Tocoyans and the Ktilac themselves. Each was seen as a complement to the other two, and regarded the rest of the galaxy as unholy. Murachaun found in the galaxy at large were heretics outcast from the Ktilac Regions.[2]

As a people, the Murachaun were known to be hard-working, orderly, and outgoing.[1]


The Murachaun were natives of Nahsu Minor, a world in the Mid Rim near the Perlemian Trade Route. They came into contact with the nearby worlds of Ktil and Tocoya, and the interaction with the natives of those worlds led the three to become the nucleus of a confederation known as the Ktilac Regions. The Ktilac, Tocoyans, and Murachaun each ruled sixty-three star systems.[2]

The Ktilac Regions became one of the Allied Regions of the Old Republic, nominally ruled by a Moff.[2] The Murachaun were first encountered by Old Republic scouts shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars and became one of the many races that were enslaved by the Empire. The Murachaun didn't submit to the Imperial presence on their homeworld, but rebelled against their oppressors in any covert way they could.[1]

Under the New Republic and Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the Ktilac Regions retained Allied Region status.[2]

Kufra Ahara was a Murachaun.[1]

Common Murachaun namesEdit

  • Earsulo Osso[1]
  • Fajiri Feravi[1]
  • Saffi Ufadi[1]
  • Sofassu Jaradu[1]


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