The Murakami orchid, also known simply as a black orchid, was a species of plant from the Murakam system.

The plant was Force-sensitive with a high midi-chlorian count. It was said to bond only with people who had a similar concentration of midi-chlorians, and could "speak" with the bonded person (usually a Jedi) telepathically. It required the bonded Jedi to be in close proximity to it in order to survive, and during the time of The Old Republic, the Jedi would house these flowers in an incubator to survive without the bonded Jedi's presence in the Agricultural Corps facility at Marfa.

Jedi Agricultural Corps member Hestizo Trace formed a bond with a Murakami orchid, but the plant ultimately proved to be a danger when Darth Scabrous used it to create a virus for the purpose of eternal life. The serum was found in an ancient Sith holocron found in a sanctum in the base of the academy's library.

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