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A museum was a building that housed exhibits which provided information about certain topics, such as art, history, and extinct animals.

Museums could be dedicated to the study of an entire eras, such as the Museum of the Old Republic, which preserved items and culture of the Old Republic. It was there that Darth Vader first learned the name of Luke Skywalker.[1]

The Korsin Museum on Kesh contained objects from the Lost Tribe of Sith's past.[2] Varner Hilts later had a museum on Kesh, although its contents were destroyed in 3000 BBY by pillagers.[3]

Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic, boasted at least three museums: the Coruscant Museum[4], the Coruscant Museum of Galactic Cultures[5] and the Coruscant Xenozoology Museum.[6]

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