The Museum Republica was a structure located in Axial Park at Coronet City on Corellia. It was different from the Republic Foundation Museum in the Government District which was a scholarly resource of priceless antiquities as this building was designed with tourists in mind. The structure combined the refined presentation of more traditional such museums with displays that exhibited best described as a carnival by attempting to offer something for everyone. It included items of disputed provenance that ranged from a cybernetic lower jaw that was believed to had belonged to Darth Malak to a pair of boots worn by the fabled Jedi Cay Qel-Droma and also had an exhibit of a deactivated G0-T0 infrastructure planning system droid that was said to had been recovered from Malachor V's asteroid field.[1]

In the Cold War, Corellia was invaded by the Sith Empire whereupon the Imperial Guard raided the museum and used it as their base of operations.[1]



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