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Mushroom Mesa, sometimes called Macroon Mesa, was a prominent geological formation located on the fringes of Tatooine's Northern Dune Sea.


Directly adjacent to Ebe Crater Valley and Waldo Flats, the region was riddled with colossal stone pillars formed over many eons by severe weathering and erosion. The top-heavy rocks encompassed a mile-wide swath of land at one end of the mesa before tapering off near the Metta Drop.

The Mos Espa Circuit


Superstitious folk believed alien creatures were responsible for the humanoid faces which appeared on some pillars. Legend told that the native Sand People guarded secrets which lay hidden within the stone faces. Despite the uncanny resemblance, scientists agreed that the cause was natural weathering. Sand People were known to avoid the mesa, believing the pillars to be cursed.

Mushroom Mesa was a key segment of the Boonta Eve Classic podrace circuit. The shadowy pillars played tricks on pilots' depth perception, making the region particularly hazardous. It was here in 32 BBY that Mawhonic's pod was destroyed by the vile Sebulba. Veteran racers made claim that the alleged faces would change expression when viewed from different angles.


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