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"Music is REAL and RAW. It's the voices of people sharing your troubles and your joys."
―Sabine Wren[1]

A band performing at Takodana Castle

Throughout the galaxy, beings created and listened to the art form known as music.

Bands such as the Max Rebo Band performed songs like "Jedi Rocks" before audiences.[2] Upon entering the fighting arena on Ordo Eris, Cal Kestis recognized a particular band.[3]

Some repressive governments, such as the Galactic Empire, suppressed certain types of music, such as political protest songs like "Vader's Many Prosthetic Parts" by Hakko Drazlip and the Tootle Froots.[4]

Jatz was a type of music that was expectantly played at Suli's cantina.[5]

Sabine Wren enjoyed listening to music such as quenk jazz.[1]

New Republic pilot Chass na Chadic had a collection of music, including Glimmik, Herglic rage-metal, and Warbat trance, which she enjoyed listening to during battle.[6]

Musical instruments[]

Musical instruments[7] were devices used to play music by musicians. Varieties included drums, trumpet, flutes, water organs, bird whistles, and the Growdi Harmonique.[8]

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