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"Music is REAL and RAW. It's the voices of people sharing your troubles and your joys."
―Sabine Wren[1]
Band at Kanatas Castle

A band performing at Takodana Castle

Throughout the galaxy, beings created and listened to the art form known as music.

Bands were groups of musicians who performed music, often before audiences in social settings such as cantinas, or as private entertainment. The Max Rebo Band performed songs including "Jedi Rocks" in the palace of Jabba the Hutt.[2] Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes was a Bith band, notable for performing in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina.[3] Upon entering the fighting arena on Ordo Eris, Cal Kestis recognized a particular band.[4]

Many bars and cantinas played music to entertain the patrons. This included Oga's Cantina on Batuu that had constant music played by reprogrammed RX-Series pilot droid R-3X.[5]

Some repressive governments, such as the Galactic Empire, suppressed certain types of music, such as political protest songs like "Vader's Many Prosthetic Parts" by Hakko Drazlip and the Tootle Froots.[6]

Music boxes, such as one that was kept in Leia Organa's keepsake chest, played music when opened.[7]

Music schools, such as the Theed Conservatory on Naboo, taught students about music. Sabé, like her older brothers before her, attended the Theed Conservatory, before becoming a handmaiden to Queen Padmé Amidala, where she played the hallikset.[8]

Alderaan had a song, known as a lullaby, called Mirrorbright, which mentioned a moon despite Alderaan not having one. The grandmother of Carise Sindian used to sing the song when she was feeling nostalgic for her homeworld.[7]

Corellia was the origin of a type of music called Galan-Kalank, which arose from the songs of shipyard workers. It was popularized in the galaxy by the Atchapat Family Galan-Kalank Orchestra, who toured with portable instruments constructed from machine parts.[9]

Jatz was a type of music that was expectantly played at Suli's cantina.[10]

Gonkrock was a type of loud and aggressive music enjoyed by Rieve while she was fighting in the Grand Arena.

Sabine Wren enjoyed listening to music such as quenk jazz.[1]

New Republic pilot Chass na Chadic had a collection of music, including Glimmik, Herglic rage-metal, and Warbat trance, which she enjoyed listening to during battles.[11]

During the High Republic era, the Nihil would broadcast music before and during attacks, both to stir up their own battle frenzy[12] and to cause confusion among those they were attacking.[13] One genre of music they preferred was known as wreckpunk. During one encounter with the Nihil, the crew of The Vessel played a song known as the margengai glide over a multi-frequency broadcast in order to disrupt communications between Nihil ships. The jaunty, fast song had been a popular dance tune for at least the previous few decades. Along with the margengai glide, Vessel pilot Leox Gyasi loved other music, such as Chandrilan opera. He traded music files with Joss and Pikka Adren after discovering that they were fans of the same simjo band.[14]

Musical instruments[]

Musical instruments[15] were devices used to play music by musicians. Varieties included guitars, drums, trumpet, flutes, water organs, jett organs, bird whistles, Kloo horns, and the Growdi Harmonique.[16]

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