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"They rebel to become the navy we've prayed for. They have come to save us. But first, we must save them."
―Gial Ackbar, to Rebel Alliance forces[6]

The mutiny on Mon Cala occurred when the Mon Calamari rebelled against the Galactic Empire after the Alliance to Restore the Republic sent Leia Organa and the Heroes of Yavin to the water planet Mon Cala to recruit the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet to their cause. King Lee-Char and Regent Dors Urtya were killed during this battle.


Following an Imperial invasion, the water planet of Mon Cala fell under Imperial occupation during the early reign of the Galactic Empire.[10] Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Gial Ackbar, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 traveled to an atoll on Mon Cala to discuss mutiny with Regent Dors Urtya, Grand Admiral of the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet. They were interrupted by a squad of stormtroopers in a LAAT/le patrol gunship that destroyed Urtya's ship. Solo killed many of them with a thermal detonator, but the surviving troops chased the rebels into the jungle; the rebels fled to a nearby boat piloted by Chewbacca.[3]

While being attacked by water creatures, Urtya declined to provide the Rebellion with the fleet's aid in their war against the Empire, fearing the consequences the people of his world might face. After leaving Mon Cala the rebels returned to the Mako-Ta Space Docks to report to Mon Mothma and Jan Dodonna.[3] Leia proposed to Alliance High Command that they free the imprisoned King Lee-Char from the Imperial base on Strokill Prime. After some convincing, she gained their approval. From there they traveled to the Dex Acquisitions Depot prison on Meor Ain to break out Tunga Arpagion, a Clawdite shapeshifter, to aid their effort.[8]

Causing an uprising[]

Kidnapping Moff Hubi[]

The rebels arrived back on Mon Cala where they infiltrated the Moncaladrome opera house by disguising Luke as a stormtrooper, while C-3PO and R2-D2 pretended to be caterers and Han an attendant. R2-D2 gave Moff Tan Hubi an accelerator, his favorite beverage, which caused him to go to the bathroom. There, Han and Chewbacca kidnapped him and switched him out with Tunga Arpagion who had taken on the Moff's appearance. Leia and her group took the real Hubi to the base on Strokill Prime where she used the codes provided by Trios along with Hubi's biosignature to get past the base's defenses, only to be attacked by a giant fish.[5] They escaped the fish and infiltrated the prison. They found Lee-Char but he was barely alive, attached to a life support system.[11] The Moff secretly revealed himself in the prison and they realized someone was posing as him back on Mon Cala. The stormtroopers at the Moncaladrome opened fire on the "Moff" but they are aided by a "power outage" caused by a staff member. They disguised themselves and escaped the stormtroopers and fled into the ocean. At the prison, stormtroopers burst into the room and opened fire, killing Lee-Char and Moff Hubi in the cross fire. They fought their way out of the prison and fled back to Mon Cala, where they met Threepio, R2, and Tunga.[7]

The uprising of Mon Calamari[]

Urtya and his guards surrounded Leia, Han, Luke, Chewbacca, Tunga, and the droids. They gave the Mon Calamari Regent a recording of Lee-Char's final moments which he took and played for the whole fleet to see. The Mon Calamari rose up against the Imperials and joined the Falcon in an attempt to escape, but five Imperial II-class Star Destroyers quickly entered the system.[7] The Star Destroyers deployed several TIE bombers to destroy the fleet, but Ackbar arrived with squadrons of X-wings and Y-wings as backup. One ship, the Aurora Flare, an MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruiser, rammed into a Star Destroyers and exploded, heavily damaging the Imperial ship and causing enough chaos to allow the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet to escape. However, the Imperial fleet began an orbital bombardment, killing Urtya.[6]


Although Urtya lost his life, Lee-Char's message of rebellion had nevertheless been transmitted, and the Rebel Alliance had secured a fleet.[6] The Imperial occupation of Mon Cala was eventually broken when the Quarren and Mon Calamari joined together, wiping out the Empire's garrison on their homeworld together.[12]



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