Muttamoks were small Force-sensitive mammals who were fond of stealing small, bright objects.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Muttamoks were one meter tall bipeds, with small, dexterous hands. With floppy ears and large, soulful eyes, they also had mostly russet fur, except for their white underbellies.[1]


They were attracted to bright, shiny objects. A muttamok often went on the prowl for such objects, commonly resulting in thievery if needed. When captured by the item in question's owner, they would use an innate Force ability in a plea for sympathy, and return the stolen property before running away. Their innate Force ability also allowed them to seem to know what people were thinking.[1]

While they would eat anything, muttamoks were partial to fruit, which people used along with candy to lure them out. Sometimes, however, a muttamok would trick these people and take all the bait at once, evading capture. Muttamoks were able to be domesticated to follow simple commands, as they did not have a language of their own. These qualities made muttamoks good partners for thieves.[1]


Sentient beings who lived near thought muttamoks had found and returned the items that they had actually stolen, so they were thought to be a sign of good luck. Because of this, some people saw killing muttamoks to be taboo. However, this allowed a muttamok population to flourish, causing people to become more cautious over leaving out their valuables.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit