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The muudabok was a swamp herbivore native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo.

A female muudabok.

Muudaboks, swamp herbivores that shared a niche with the terazod preferred the muddy woodlands, but were also found in the shallows nibbling mintri and woosha plants. The muudabok used its claws to dig up roots and new shoots under rotting vegetable matter.

Like many swamp-dwellers, the muudabok had a streamlined shape for swimming, as it frequently crossed waterways from pasture to pasture, though it did not dive. At the end of a Muudabok's tail were buoyant knobs that acted as both floats and weapons. The muudabok was also a very good leaper and, with a peculiar bounding gait, took advantage of its ability to leap away from danger, considering its primary enemy was the speedy narglatch.

A muudabok chased by a narglatch.

During mating season, stags trumpeted and roared to attract females. Stags formed harems, which they defended against other males. Males' health declined after mating, making them more susceptible to predators.

While males hade a prominent large pair of horns, females had distinctive smaller, onion-shaped horns. Gungans made musical instruments out of male muudabok horns.