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Muuns were a thin, tall humanoid species who ran the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Senator Rush Clovis was raised by a family of Muuns.[12] They constructed their empire high amidst snowy mountain peaks.[2]

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

The Muuns were a tall, pale humanoid species, known commonly across the galaxy as greed-driven bankers. The species' elongated skulls added to their height. Muuns hairless heads featured small eyes over a long, shallow nose, often giving them nasally speech. Their small ears were also flat, and were found underneath their skullcap. Their thin arms were of normal length, featuring five-digit hands. The last two fingers of their hands were much shorter than the others. Underneath their slim waist were a pair of very long, thin legs.[12] They were a very intelligent species, known to have incredible mathematical capabilities. This was especially utilized in the management of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.[13]

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