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"I know the Muuns to be a good and honest people, and that it is the actions of only these unscrupulous few who are responsible."
―Rush Clovis[5]

Muuns were a thin, tall humanoid species who ran the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Biology and appearance[]

The Muuns were a tall, pale humanoid species, known commonly across the galaxy as greed-driven bankers. The species' elongated skulls added to their height. Muuns hairless heads featured small eyes over a long, shallow nose, often giving them nasally speech. Their small ears were also flat, and were found underneath their skullcap. Their thin arms were of normal length, featuring five-digit hands. The last two fingers of their hands were much shorter than the others. Underneath their slim waist were a pair of very long, thin legs.[1] They were a very intelligent species, known to have incredible mathematical capabilities. This was especially utilized in the management of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.[3]

The average Muun was just under 2 meters tall.[2] Individual Muuns were known to be as tall as 2.46 meters in the case of Nix Card.[6] The species were able to have a connection to the Force, and use it.[2]


Muuns hailed from the planet Scipio.[2] The Muuns controlled the InterGalactic Banking Clan[7] and constructed their empire high amidst snowy mountain peaks.[3] Senator Rush Clovis was raised by a family of Muuns.[1]

Sometime prior to 132 BBY,[8] a Muun individual was trained by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Tenebrous[9] and took on the moniker of Darth Plagueis.[10] After replacing Tenebrous as the Sith Master, Plagueis went on to acquire Sheev Palpatine as his apprentice with the title Darth Sidious, and the two would work together to further their order’s grand plan of infiltrating and supplanting the Galactic Republic with a revived Sith Empire.[11] Plagueis also studied the nature of the Force, both in experiments with midi-chlorians[12] and research into the Doctrine of the Dyad and transference,[13] in hopes of uncovering the secret to immortality.[14] He ultimately failed in this quest but succeeded in arranging for Palpatine’s rise to political power.[15] By 32 BBY[16] he had taught his apprentice everything he knew, by which point Sidious killed him in his sleep.[10]

During the Clone Wars, both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems spent large amounts of credits on soldiers and weapons for the war.[7] The human Clovis spent time representing the organization in the Galactic Senate[17] and was replaced by Nix Card upon his fall from grace.[6] Upon his return to political life, Clovis became the head of the IGBC after their ruling body, the Core Five, were arrested for corruption. Clovis was backed by Mak Plain,[5] but was killed during the Battle of Scipio.[1] San Hill was a Muun who was Chairman of the IGBC and also served on the Separatist Council[18] until his death at the end of the war.[19]

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