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"Karness Muur requested I create this, but it shall be my triumph. My experimentation with the Heart of Graush and my alchemic mastery of raising Sithspawn will culminate in the first Great Amulet to be worn by one of the Lords of the Sith."
―Sorzus Syn[3]

The Muur Talisman was the first of the three Great Amulets created by the Sith Lord Sorzus Syn. Designed for her fellow Lord Karness Muur, the Talisman had the ability to turn other beings into mindless thralls that were at the possessor's command. It was a powerful object of great antiquity and was mentioned in many Sith holocrons dating from before the Golden Age of the Sith. At some time the Talisman was buried in the Undercity of the planet Taris until 3965 BBY when the Mandalorian Pulsipher lead an excavation party to retrieve it. Upon its exposure, the Talisman latched onto female Jedi Master Celeste Morne and began to corrupt her before Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick sealed her and the Talisman in Dreypa's Oubliette where they both remained for about 4,000 years until 19 BBY.



"Though Karness will receive the first, I will complete more than one amulet. The second will go to Dreypa, so those two fools can battle each other unceasingly. The third shall be far stronger than the others, and it shall be mine alone."
―Sorzus Syn[3]

The talisman's first owner, Karness Muur.

The Sith alchemist Sorzus Syn created the Muur Talisman for the Sith Lord Karness Muur, to enable him to create rakghouls and to sustain his essence, granting him spiritual immortality.[3] When his physical body died, the Talisman would seek out the most powerful Force user to act as his vessel and conduit. For centuries the Muur Talisman remained in obscurity. Many Sith Lords—including Naga Sadow—tore at each other to find it and claim its power for themselves, but the Talisman was never found, as if the Force itself did not want it found. At some point, its last owner had been crushed in a cave-in in the Undercity of Taris where the talisman remained for at least hundreds of years, spreading the rakghoul plague amongst the Outcast. As of 3963 BBY the Jedi Covenant speculated that the Talisman could be located in the Taris's Undercity. Jedi Master Xamar of the First WatchCircle was attempting to locate the artifact when they were forced to leave the planet following Zayne Carrick's escape.[1]


Later, after the Mandalorian invasion of Taris, the Covenant witnessed a vision of impending doom related directly to the talisman and Zayne, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Cade Skywalker. Celeste Morne was sent to continue the search on Taris, but arrived just in time to witness a Mandalorian excavation party led by Pulsipher retrieve the talisman.[1]

Pulsipher headed for Jebble and before he landed, he opened the case holding the Talisman, under the hidden eyes of Celeste Morne, Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, stowaways on Pulsipher's ship, the Mar'eyce. Pulsipher stated his theories that the key to the Force are the objects, not the people and planned on unlocking the device's power to negate the Jedi's powers to further their victory. Celeste tried to make him throw it out the airlock, but under the Talisman's influence he was able to counter her mind trick. It attached to Pulsipher's arm and it began controlling him, even turning him on a fellow Mandalorian, leaving some glowing red marks on his comrade's armor chest plates. Those marks later turned the Mandalorian into a rakghoul and the plague spread throughout the Mandalorian ranks. The rakghoul plague spread faster than usual, transforming the victims into smarter, organized rakghouls, wearing Neo-Crusader armor and using weapons against Zayne and Celeste as the two Jedi attempted to stop the plague and warn the Mandalorians and Republic of the threat.[6]

When Pulsipher captured Zayne to interrogate him for the Talisman's secrets, it sensed the Padawan's Force-sensitivity. The Talisman detached from the Mandalorian, turned the rakghouls on Pulsipher, and attempted to attach itself to Zayne. As Celeste struggled to pry off the Talisman to save Zayne she called out to the talisman's attention by telling it she was a Jedi. Immediately, the Talisman attached itself to her neck. In that moment Celeste saw Muur's spirit appear where he told her that he was the future and she was his. Celeste then discovered that the Talisman gave her the ability to control the rakghouls.[1]

A suitable host[]

"I can feel the change inside me. Please, Zayne…end it now."
―Celeste Morne[7]

Celeste began to fall under the Talisman's evil corruption and sensed the plague's immense potential along with the presence of the spirit of Karness Muur in the Talisman. She pleaded with Zayne to end her life while she could still control herself, but the rogue Padawan had a better idea. He enclosed Celeste in an oubliette of the Sith Dreypa, hoping to bring her to Covenant researchers on Odryn to remove the Talisman. However, Cassus Fett bombarded Jebble with nuclear missiles and Zayne presumed Celeste dead and the Talisman destroyed.[5] The Jedi Covenant assumed Zayne was corrupted by the Talisman and killed Celeste.[8]


When Zayne and his friends journeyed to the planet Odryn, Jarael, disguised as Celeste, and the Moomo Brothers pretended to carry the Muur Talisman, in order for them, Zayne, and Gryph to gain entrance to the Sanctum of the Exalted.[9]

A replica of the Talisman containing Zayne's lightsaber was crafted to improve on the image that Zayne was a Dark Jedi when Xamar brought him into the Draay Estate. However, Haazen immediately saw through the charade.

Four millennia later[]

"Yes! Kill her! Take my Talisman for your own! You sense that power that could be yours. Take it!"
―Karness Muur to Darth Vader[10]

By 1,400 BBY, the oubliette was found by ice miners of Jebble. It was passed down by many owners, through blood and trade before it came into the hands of the crew of the Uhumele who were willing to trade it. But the Talisman and its wearer were freed from stasis by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader who was looking for a way to overthrow the Emperor. But Celeste Morne attacked Vader and, using the power of the Talisman, turned his clone troopers into rakghouls, forcing Vader to escape and leave Celeste along with rakghouls and the spirit of Karness Muur on the unknown moon.[11]

Another century later[]

Cade Skywalker using the shatterpoint technique to destroy the Talisman.

The Talisman had stayed on Celeste's neck for a very long time, even right into her trip into the Deep Core. She was determined to make sure that the Talisman possessed no one else. Thus, she eventually used its powers once again when she joined Cade Skywalker's entourage to kill Darth Krayt. She turned many Imperials at the Had Abbadon base into rakghouls to act as her bodyguard while they waited. Muur, in the meantime, played with the minds of her companions, giving Shado Vao a vision of him slaying Celeste and the Talisman possessing him. Emperor Roan Fel desired the Talisman to further his goals but a few of his Knights were losing faith in him. Soon, Muur's whispering annoyed Cade to the point where he threatens to send Celeste and the Talisman into a black hole.


Krayt took the bait, and traveled to Had Abbadon with his most trusted Sith Lords. The resulting battle saw the mortal wounding of Darth Krayt and the death of Celeste Morne. With Morne dead, the Talisman attached itself to Cade. But Cade proved to be above its influence, and used the Force to destroy it and Muur forever resulting in the extinction of the rakghouls and the end of the rakghoul plague.


The Muur Talisman being held

"This Talisman… it could turn our enemy's armies into monstrous warriors that will obey me. Yes. I want that."
Emperor Roan Fel[12]

Through use of dark side alchemy, any non-Force-sensitive that was struck by the Talisman became infected with the rakghoul plague and transformed more quickly than from rakghoul bites in the Under City of Taris.[6] In addition to that under the command by a Force-user the Talisman could transform into rakghouls all suitable beings in much wider radius.[13]

The power of the Talisman also allowed its claws to become legs for mobility and bound itself to anyone who called to it.[1] The Talisman also stopped all aging in its host,[14] as exemplified by the lack of aging on the part of Celeste Morne from 19 BBY to 137 ABY. But the greatest secret concerning the Talisman was that it housed the spirit of Karness Muur, who could speak to nearby Force-sensitives and appear as an apparition to whomever was possessed by the Talisman.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Muur Talisman is also the logo for the Vector metaseries. However, starting with the Dark Times section of the metaseries and continuing to Legacy (2006) 28, the logo was printed upside down for all issues. It is likely this was not a coincidence.

In Star Wars Galaxies, the Muur Talisman is obtainable through the Champions of the Force trading card game as a loot card, when used it activates a buff. This should be however considered non-canon, as Talisman never left Celeste Morne.


The inner mechanism of the Muur Talisman


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