"Democracy? Democracy is a philosophy for humans—they gave it to themselves and to no others. For "alien" species, there has never been any choice but the manner of their subjugation."
―Borsk Fey'lya in My Ar'krai[src]

My Ar'krai was a book written by[2] the Bothan politician[3] Borsk Fey'lya, who served the New Republic as Chief of State during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[1] The title of the book was derived from the Bothan concept of ar'krai—a total, unrelenting state of war.[4] At least part of the book was a highly critical look at Human contributions to galactic politics.[2]

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My Ar'krai was introduced through a quote by Borsk Fey'lya in the section "The Political Galaxy" of The Essential Atlas (2009).


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