"I didn't come here willingly, but I did stay because I wanted to be with you."
―Myda Forge to Kassar Forge[src]

Myda Forge was a Human female who had been sentenced to labor in the spice mines of Kessel. During her time there, she reformed her life and became a teacher who worked on a Galactic Republic program on that world whose objective was to educate inmates on how to re-enter society upon their release. She was also the mother of Lujayne and Inyri Forge, who both became Rogue Squadron pilots.

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Myda was an inmate on Kessel, the infamous prison world, when she met Kassar Forge, a teacher who instructed the inmates with the hopes of preventing them from returning to a life of crime upon their release.

Although specifics about her past crimes are unclear, Myda was reformed and fell in love with Kassar. The two were married and, although Kessel was not where she would have chosen to live otherwise, she remained with her husband and also began teaching there.

The two spent the rest of their lives on the planet, rejecting all opportunities to leave, including an offer by Commander Wedge Antilles in 6.5 ABY, who was freeing high-profile prisoners to help disrupt Imperial operations on Coruscant in the months leading up to its liberation.

Kassar and Myda had multiple sons and daughters, most of whom continued to live on the planet with them. Among their children were Lujayne and Inyri, who both went on to become pilots in Rogue Squadron, the elite group of starfighter pilots for the New Republic Defense Force.

In 6.5 ABY, Myda and her family were devastated by the loss of her daughter, Lujayne, who was killed in her sleep by Imperial stormtroopers during a surprise covert assault on Talasea.

She was only slightly less troubled when her younger daughter, Inyri, became the "glitterstim cutter" and lover to Zekka Thyne, a dangerous Black Sun criminal, who she insisted upon leaving Kessel with when he was selected by Wedge to be taken to Coruscant.

Myda was more adamant than her husband regarding her disapproval of the relationship, and she implored Wedge to separate the two when he took Zekka, claiming she had seen people end up prisoners for making such bad decisions. Kassar, however, insisted that Inyri had to be left to make those decisions on her own, much like the inmates he instructed were left to make their own paths after being released.

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