Myder's Mynocks was a section of the Gorse–based surveillance company Transcept Media Solutions. Myder's Mynocks was allocated a special floor at the company's headquarters in the World Watch Plaza building. The Mynocks were tasked with monitoring security threats to the Galactic Empire on Gorse's mining moon Cynda. Two known members of Myder's Mynocks were Zaluna Myder and Hetto.[1]

Several years after the Jedi Purge, the Mynocks operative Zaluna identified the miner and Clone Wars veteran Skelly making threats against the Empire on Cynda. As a result, Imperial forces were dispatched to arrest Skelly. Later, Hetto was arrested for accessing incriminating information about the Empire and making contact with the rebel operative Hera Syndulla.[1]


Myder's Mynocks was founded during the last years of the Galactic Republic to monitor electronic communications and certain monitored public places for "conversations suspected to pose a threat to the lives of Republic citizens." During the Clone Wars, the Mynocks' mandate was changed to identifying threats to "Republic security." By the time of the Galactic Empire, the organization was tasked with monitoring all threats to "public order." Their functions included hunting for fugitive Jedi who had survived Order 66 and reporting verbal threats made by citizens against the Empire. The Mynocks' jurisdiction consisted of the planet Gorse and its moon Cynda.[1]


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