"Are you trying to goad me into a fight, Jedi?"
―Myck'chur Finux Zug[src]

Myk'chur Finux Zug was a male Lannik revolutionary, and a major power in the Red Iaro terrorist group. During an attempt on the lives of the Prince of Lannik and the diplomat parents of Jedi Master and council member Adi Gallia, he encountered the Lannik Jedi Master Even Piell, suffering several wounds at the Jedi's hands before fleeing. He served as the leader of the Red Iaro delegation to the peace talks with the Royal House of Lannik, but harbored a much darker purpose behind the scenes of the negotiations.

During his time on Malastare, Zug formed a clandestine alliance with the planet's corrupted Gran Senator Aks Moe, who had seen an opportunity to line his own pockets through a Red Iaro controlled, newly industrialized and resource rich Lannik. Zug also recruited a number of Ffib priests to his cause, as well as Piell's friend, Hutar Zash.

Ostensibly sent to Malastare to negotiate a peace treaty with Prince R'cardo Sooflie IX, in reality Zug intended to assassinate the unpopular Prince to simultaneously remove a major threat to the Red Iaro political position and win support from the Lannik population.

When the Red Iaro's plans to kill the Prince using Akk dogs procured from Circus Horrificus on Nar Shaddaa failed, Zug tried to escape them by igniting his rocket backpack and fleeing the Prince's hotel. He flew out in the midst of the Vinta Harvest Classic podrace, and was sucked into the intake turbines of Sebulba's podracer and killed.

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