"New Republic Agent! You're under arrest! Throw down your weapons or I'll shoot!"
―NRSF Agent Myleena Dystra[1]

Myleena Dystra was a Human female who served as an agent with the New Republic Security Force. Born on the planet Coruscant to wealthy Coruscanti parents, Dystra grew up in the environment of palatial estates and private schools. She was placed in a Galactic Empire readjustment camp run by the Imperial Commission for the Preservation of the New Order at age thirteen. Her parents had been arrested, never to be seen again, as Alliance to Restore the Republic sympathizers in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. Dystra was rescued from the readjustment camp by Rebel Alliance Special Operations and placed in a foster home. Wanting to honor her parents' sacrifice, Dystra entered law enforcement for the new galactic government, the New Republic, becoming an agent with the New Republic Security Force. She quickly rose to become an effective police officer with a high arrest record. However, in her eagerness, Dystra took frequent, unnecessary risks, and she was twice wounded in action.


A Human female, Myleena Dystra was born on the Core World[2] planet Coruscant in 13 BBY, during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Dystra's mother and father were affluent Coruscanti, and Dystra grew up in a palatial estate on Coruscant and attended private schools. When Emperor Palpatine disbanded the Imperial Senate[1] in 0 BBY,[3] the Senate Building was taken over by Imperial stormtroopers, who detained hundreds of individuals for questioning and to issue arrest warrants. Dystra's parents were two of those detained. They were never released, and Dystra did not see them again. She later discovered they had an affiliation with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known as the Rebel Alliance, which sought to overthrow the Empire. Now effectively an orphan, Dystra was taken under the wing of the Empire's political bureaucracy, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), and sent to a readjustment camp to be indoctrinated on Imperial philosophy.[1]

Shortly after Dystra entered the COMPNOR camp, a Rebel Alliance Special Operations team rescued her, and she was taken to a Rebel safeworld. There, she was placed in a Rebel Alliance foster home and was brought up to appreciate her parents' sacrifice. As she grew older, Dystra became determined to join the cause of her parents. After the Rebel Alliance formed the New Republic, which replaced the Empire as the dominate galactic government, Dystra became an agent with the New Republic Security Force (NRSF). She quickly established herself as a highly effective police officer with an impressive record of arrests. She also was involved in several major engagements and was wounded in two separate incidents. She narrowly escaped death during the second time she was wounded in action.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Myleena Dystra was a young and enthusiastic woman determined to do justice for the cause in which she and her parents believed. Eager and energetic, she threw herself into her work as an NRSF agent. However, Dystra's enthusiasm also caused her to put herself into harm's way unnecessarily. In her eagerness, she frequently took risks and shortcuts to make arrests. Twice Dystra found herself in dangerous situations during which she was wounded.[1]

A physically fit person, Dystra was trained in both unarmed combat and melee weaponry, including stun batons. She was also proficient with the use of blasters, with a specialty in wielding heavy blaster rifles. She was also capable in climbing and swimming, and had a high physical stamina. Dystra had knowledge in astrogation and could pilot transports, repulsorlift vehicles, and starfighters, most notably the Y-wing, which she used as her issued fighter. She was skilled in repairing armor, blasters, and had computer repair knowledge. She was also trained in first aid.[1]

As a police officer, Dystra had knowledge of various species, languages, and planetary systems. She was also thoroughly trained in law enforcement tactics, specifically investigations. Her streetwise knowledge gave her the ability to bargain, and she was adept at being covert.[1]

For her duties, Dystra wore an NRSF uniform as well as her badge and ID, a blaster pistol, binder cuffs, stun baton, and her datapad. Dystra also had an R2 astromech droid that would accompany her.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Myleena Dystra was first mentioned in Heroes & Rogues, a roleplaying informational book published by West End Games in June 1995 and written by Paul Sudlow and Rick D. Stuart as a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.


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