"Let's go."
Jango Fett to the Jedi who killed Myles.[src]

Myles was a male Mandalorian and member of the True Mandalorians under Mand'alor Jango Fett.[1] Myles would follow Jango to the planet Galidraan when the Mandalorians under Fett had been hired by the Governor of Galidraan to put down a planetary insurrection. There, he would serve as Fett's aide-de-camp during the battle. When Fett found that the Mandalorians had fallen prey to a Death Watch trap, in which they were framed as murderers killing "political activists" and a Jedi strike team sent to arrest them, Fett frantically attempted to contact Myles and warn him to evacuate the camp. However, Fett was unable to get advanced warning to the camp, arriving the same time as the Jedi, under the leadership of Jedi Master Dooku. In the ensuing clash between the Jedi and Mandalorian forces, Myles attempted to use his jetpack to provide air support for Fett, but was killed by a Jedi who used Force Jump to get to Myles and cut him in half at the waist with his lightsaber. Myles' death would drive Fett to brutally kill the same Jedi and five others with his bare hands in vengeance.[1]

Myles dies

Myles killed by a Jedi on Galidraan.



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