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"I believe what I do is right for the students. They respond better than your average cadet and make more efficient troopers in the long run."
―Taskmaster Grint defends his training methods[5]

Myles Grint was a human male who served the Galactic Empire fourteen years after the end of the Clone Wars. Along with Cumberlayne Aresko, Grint was the taskmaster and one of the commanding officers of Lothal, stationed in Capital City. Together, the two managed Imperial military operations on the planet and trained cadets at the Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal.[4]

Grint, along with Aresko, attempted to eliminate the rebel crew of the Ghost on numerous occasions. Due to their multiple failures, both officers were executed by the Grand Inquisitor, on the orders of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.[3]


Imperial service[]

Grint and Aresko bullying the merchant Yoffar.

Myles Grint was an Imperial commanding officer who was based at the Imperial Academy on Lothal. He held the rank of taskmaster and served as an aide to the Academy's Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko. A few years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Myles and his superior Aresko attended a party to celebrate the acceptance of Dhara Leonis to the Imperial Academy. Dhara's parents Leo and Tepha Leonis were agricultural scientists who worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and had recently relocated to Lothal a month ago. Other Imperial dignitaries present at that function included Governor Arihnda Pryce, Supply Master Yogar Lyste, and Lieutenant Piers Roddance. Later that year, Cadet Leonis mysteriously disappearance with the Imperial authorities reporting that she had ran away.[6]

Following the acceptance of Dhara's younger brother Zare Leonis's application to study at the Imperial Academy, Myles and Aresko attended Zare's farewell party. In contrast to his sister's party, Zare's party was a somber affair due to his family's difficult circumstances. During the party, Myles and Aresko monopolized the trays of dainties that the Leonises' nanny droid Auntie Nags brought for the guests. Other Imperial dignitaries included Governor Pryce who saluted the family for their devotion to the Empire and promised to continue the search for their missing daughter. Unknown to Myles and the other Imperial guests, Zare had planned to infiltrate the Imperial Academy in order to find Dhara and to aid the growing resistance against the Galactic Empire.[6]

Later that year, Taskmaster Grint and Commandant Aresko participated in the arrest of the corrupt Imperial Security Bureau lieutenant Jenkes, who had murdered his superior Lieutenant Herdringer and ran an illegal gladiatorial event at Monad Outpost. The bounty hunter Bossk and the local street urchin Ezra Bridger had exposed Jenkes' illegal activities to the Imperial authorities on Lothal. Bossk also received a personal guarantee from Aresko and Grint that they would never hear from Jenkes again.[7]

Spark of Rebellion[]

Taskmaster Grint, Commandant Aresko, and their stormtrooper escorts confronted the Gotal fruit seller Yoffar for not possessing a sales license. The check was part of a planned demonstration of the Empire to respond swiftly to problems. During the incident, Grint helped himself to some of Yoffar's jogan fruit. When Yoffar objected, the pair attempted to arrest him for treason. However, the Force-sensitive street urchin Ezra Bridger stole Aresko's comlink and used it to trick the Imperials into responding to a false code red alarm at the main square. Falling for Ezra's deception, Grint, Aresko, and their stormtrooper escorts released the merchant and headed to the main square. Upon arriving, the Imperials discovered that they had been tricked. In the midst of the confusion, a group of Spectres led by the former Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus stole several hover crates containing Imperial supplies. The Imperial authorities failed to apprehend the rebels.[8]

Rebels in the Ranks[]

"And after this were two incidents involving stolen TIE fighters and the attack on the Academy grounds by an AT-DP controlled by undercover cadets working for the rebels."
"That first stolen TIE was not our direct responsibility"
"But the AT-DP was."
―Assessor Potalla and Grint[5]

Aresko and Grint at the Imperial Academy.

Later that year, Myles Grint accompanied Commandant Aresko when he addressed the cadets at the commencement of the assessment phase of the term. These cadets had completed the orientation phase and were considered suitable to continue their training at the Lothal Imperial Academy. Most of the assessments took place in the Well, a purpose-built chamber that could be reconfigured to simulate a wide variety of obstacle courses and challenges. The assessment sessions were aimed at testing the physical prowess, mental acuity, leadership skills, and strategic adaptability of the cadets.[9]

While Sergeant Currahee and Lieutenant Chiron supervised most of the assessments, Aresko and Grint took charge of training squad LRC077 for one week near the end of the term. Squad LRC077 were considered to be the most capable cadets.[9] The class included two young boys with hidden motives for joining the Empire—Zare Leonis, who wanted to discover the whereabouts of his missing sister Dhara Leonis; and Ezra Bridger who had assumed the false identity Dev Morgan. Having joined Kanan and Hera Syndulla's Lothal rebel band, Ezra had infiltrated the Academy in order to steal an Imperial decoder which contained information on the location of a powerful Kyber crystal. Zare and Dev excelled in their training which drew the attention of Aresko who subsequently alerted his superior: the Grand Inquisitor.[10]

After Zare, Dev, and their fellow Cadet Jai Kell excelled in a training exercise in the Well, Aresko rewarded them by allowing them to work at the Imperial Headquarters. Meanwhile, the losing cadets including Nazhros Oleg were "punished" by Taskmaster Grint, who assigned them some unspecified menial work. These Imperial training exercises were intended to encourage ruthlessness and self-preservation among the young Imperial Cadets and to instill in them the mantra that victory could not be sacrificed for the sake of friendship. Unknown to Grint and Aresko, Zare and Dev used their new clearance at Imperial Headquarters to obtain the decoder. In the process, Zare and Dev learned that the Grand Inquisitor had taken a special interest in Dev and Jai and was coming to Lothal to inspect them. If they were found to be Force-sensitive, he would take them into custody.[10]

Having learned of the Inquisitor's presence, Dev, Kell, and Zare Leonis began plotting their escape from the academy. Following another training exercise in the Well, Aresko and Grint rewarded the winning cadets Kell, Leonis, and Oleg with a ride aboard an AT-DP walker. The rebels then put their plan into action and began attacking imperial targets. Grint and Aresko did little more than stand aside commenting on the unfolding chaos and issuing orders to their men. Following the escape, Leonis stayed behind undercover in order to continue his quest to find his missing sister. The Grand Inquisitor also discovered that Dev was actually Ezra Bridger, the young rebel he had encountered earlier on Stygeon Prime.[10]

Aresko and Grint's failure to stop the rebel escape was regarded as a "black mark" on the Academy's reputation. Following the rebel attack on the Academy, Grint was present when Commandant Aresko summoned Squad LRC077 and announced that they would begin the next phase of their training following the winter break by assisting Imperial operations on Lothal. In the light of the rebel attack on the Academy, Aresko also announced that the entire squad would be questioned about their own conduct and their knowledge of sedition and disloyalty among their fellow cadets.[11]

Empire Day[]

Grint and Aresko used a roadblock in a failed attempt to apprehend the Spectres.

That year, Myles Grint and Cumberlayne Aresko attended the annual Empire Day parade held in Lothal's Capital City. The parade was attended by Lothal's citizens and a large Imperial contingent. During the parade, Grint prodded several civilian attendees into cheering for the Empire. In the absence of Governor Pryce, Lothal's Imperial Minister Maketh Tua presided over the parade and took the opportunity to showcase the latest starfighter from Lothal's Imperial shipyards: a Sienar Fleet Systems prototype TIE Advanced v1. During the firework displays, the Lothal rebel Kanan planted a bomb which destroyed the TIE advance fighter.[12]

Later, Taskmaster Grint and Commandant Aresko took part in a manhunt to apprehend the Spectres, who had succeeded in finding the Rodian fugitive Tseebo and hijacking an Imperial Troop Transport. In response, Aresko and Grint assembled a host of stormtroopers, armed transports and walkers to block the Capital City's exits. Grint and Aresko were present at a roadblock which tried to interdict the rebels and their stolen troop transport. However, the rebels smashed through the blockade and knocked down an AT-DP walker in the process, slowing down the ISB agent Kallus and his transport. Grint and his superior officer survived that incident but suffered yet another humiliating setback in their efforts to capture the Lothal rebel band.[12]

The Assessment[]

Grint's and Aresko's string of failures did not go unnoticed by the Imperial authorities. In response, Assessor Potalla was dispatched from Coruscant to evaluate Aresko and Grint's competency. Potalla grilled Grint and Aresko for their multiple failures, but Aresko defended them claiming they had learned from their mistakes. Realizing they were in danger of being replaced by Potalla's aide Dunum, Aresko reassured a nervous Grint that they had worked too long and hard to lose their positions and would have to ensure the assessor saw them in a positive light by any means necessary. He decided to frame Officer Dunum for treason, thus eliminating their rival and making themselves look good in the process.[5]

With the approval of Aresko, Grint arranged for a lapse in the Academy's security system which allowed the rebel Sabine Wren to obtain access codes that allowed her to infiltrate the Academy. Grint also programmed a probe droid to stun Dunum who had Wren at gunpoint. Following the attack, Aresko provided this fabricated evidence which implicated Dunum for treason. He immediately had the officer arrested for treason and claimed this act would make a difference in her final report. Grint and Aresko believed they were reprieved and walked away from the assessment feeling smug and relieved. However, Potalla reported to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that they had become complacent in their duties and suggested that he intervene personally.[5]

Final failure and death[]

Shortly after Grand Moff Tarkin's arrival on Lothal, Taskmaster Grint and Commandant Aresko made one last attempt to trap the Lothal rebel band. Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, and Sabine Wren had ambushed Taskmaster Myles Grint's weekly convoy and made off with several supplies on their speeder bikes. The two Imperial commanding officers pursued the rebels in their Imperial Troop Transport, accompanied by five Imperial troopers on military-grade bikes. Their pursuit took them through the streets of the town of Jalath. When the rebels entered a small town, Aresko gave orders for his biker troops to flank them and prevent them escaping. The plan failed as the rebels subdued all of his men in the streets of Jalath. This incident in Jalath marked Grint and Aresko's last failed attempt to apprehend the Spectres.[13]

Taskmaster Grint and Commandant Aresko's latest failure did not escape the notice of the visiting Grand Moff Tarkin. The following morning, Tarkin summoned Grint and Aresko along with their Imperial comrades Minister Maketh Tua, Agent Kallus, and the Inquisitor for a private dawn meeting. Grint and Aresko were the last to arrive for the meeting and timidly sat at the front of Tarkin's desk. Settling down immediately to business, the Grand Moff questioned the two officers about their experience in dealing with the Lothal insurgents. Aresko readily admitted this was the case while Grint informed Tarkin about their latest failed attempt to apprehend the rebels in the outlying town of Jalath.[3]

Aresko also admitted that the operation was a failure and reported that the rebels had stolen some supplies and escaped on speeder bikes. However, he added that the rebels did not inflict any casualties on his men, which led the Grand Moff to concur that the Lothal rebel band was more principled than other rebel cells. Grint and Aresko were genuinely bemused to learn from Tarkin that there were other rebel cells, tribes, and factions operating in the Galaxy. Tarkin then went on to discuss the presence of the Jedi known as Kanan in that cell. Aresko acknowledged that this was indeed the case and commented that the Jedi lived up to his reputation. During the meeting, the Inquisitor hovered over the two Imperial commanding officers.[3]

Tarkin orders the Inquisitor to execute Aresko and Grint.

Tarkin then chastised Taskmaster Grint and Commandant Aresko for their repeated failures to apprehend the Spectres since that allowed the rebels to inspire hope in the Lothal public and to undermine the Empire's security. To demonstrate the consequences of any further failures from the other Imperials, Tarkin ordered the Inquisitor to behead the two Imperial officers with one swift stroke of his lightsaber. Tarkin's ruthless execution of Grint and Aresko horrified Tua and unsettled Kallus, who had regarded the two men as incompetent but loyal Imperials. The Grand Moff then used this execution as an opportunity to remind his remaining Lothal subordinates that failure from then on would have consequences.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Well, who's gonna stop us? You? You? Ha!"
―Myles Grint to Lothal citizens[8]

Grint was a reserved and quiet individual who usually let his partner Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko do the talking for him.[4] However, when he did speak, he was known for being loud, obnoxious and aggressive. He served the Empire for its cause but also relished the privileges of abusing his power, as he demonstrated by bullying Lothal citizens who protested the Empire's authority and taunting their inability to stand in the Empire's way.[8] Despite his oafishness and bullying streak, he did seem to care about the citizens of Lothal's view towards the Empire as he vigorously encouraged spectators to show their enthusiasm towards the Imperium on Empire Day.[14]

Sabine Wren described him in her personal journal as "Aresko's flunky" and "an idiot." She noted that he was mean-spirited and liked to laugh when hurting others.[15] Fearing retribution for their incompetence, he and Commandant Aresko connived together on one occasion to frame the Imperial aide Dunum in order to make themselves look good.[5] According to Agent Kallus, Myles had a bulky frame which did not line up with Imperial fitness regulations. He and his colleague Aresko were also not very well informed about current affairs and were genuinely bemused to learn from Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that there were many other Rebel cells, factions, and tribes throughout across the galaxy.[13]

Behind the scenes[]

Myles Grint, like his partner Cumberlayne Aresko, was voiced by David Shaughnessy in Star Wars Rebels. Initially, the original script of the episode "Call to Action" did not have the Grand Inquisitor executing Grint and Aresko on Wilhuff Tarkin's orders, but Dave Filoni added it later to introduce Tarkin to a new young audience.[16]



Notes and references[]

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