Mylok IV was the fourth world in the Mylok system, located within the Outer Rim of the galaxy


Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin became interested in the system upon learning of its newly developed hyperdrive technology. Zaarin, who was designing the future TIE Avenger and TIE/D Defender, was presumably interested for expanding the two fighters' abilities. In approximately 3 ABY, Zaarin arrived in the system finding the native inhabitants, the Habeen and Nharwaak, who jointly produced the technology, in the midst of a civil war. The Habeen appealed for Imperial support in exchange for the new hyperdrive technology. The Nharwaak retaliated by appealing to the Rebel Alliance. When the technology was finally exchanged between the Empire and the Habeen, the Nharwaak and Alliance ambushed the summit. However, due to the efforts of the Imperial pilot Maarek Stele, the combined forces of the Nharwaak and the Rebels were routed. The Habeen summarily joined the Empire, and Zaarin was able to produce the TIE Avenger shortly thereafter.

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