"Donos is about as warm, tender, and helpful as a methane ice comet."
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Myn Donos, a Human male from Corellia, was an X-wing pilot who served with Talon, Wraith and Rogue Squadrons, primarily noted for his efforts during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj.


"He was the last Talon. And as long as you had him, you hadn't let them all down..."
Tyria Sarkin to Donos on his devotion to his astromech droid Shiner[src]

Donos's life before joining Wraith Squadron was traumatic, even among his notoriously hard-luck squad mates. A sniper in the Corellian Armed Forces, Donos became a focused marksman. However, he felt his mind start nagging at him that what he was doing was wrong, as he often had to shoot his targets without giving them a chance.

Looking for a place to put his doubts behind, Donos joined Starfighter Command, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a lieutenant in a year. Given the rank of bevret Captain, Donos was given command of Talon Squadron upon graduation. When Talon Squadron was destroyed in an Imperial ambush on Gravan Seven—Donos being the sole survivor—he was removed from active service, but came to the attention of Wedge Antilles when Antilles and Wes Janson began assembling the commando/pilot hybrid squadron that would become Wraith Squadron. Janson recommended the traumatized pilot, as much from compassion as respect of Donos's pilot capabilities.[1]


Myn Donos with the Wraith Squadron.

Prior to his New Republic military service, Donos was awarded the prestigious Corellian Bloodstripe by the Corellian military for conspicuous gallantry, but stopped wearing them after the debacle on Gravan Seven. Anguished by the obliteration of his pilots, Donos was morose and introverted during his early days with the Wraiths, where he flew as Wraith Nine and served as the squadron's sniper. Fellow pilot Falynn Sandskimmer, a tough woman from Tatooine, tried to help him through his depression and they developed a deep mutual attraction in the process.[1]

In the battle that saw the destruction of the Implacable over Ession, Donos witnessed the death of both Sandskimmer and fellow Wraith Eurrsk Thri'ag. In this same battle he exacted a measure of revenge for Talon Squadron. He discovered Apwar Trigit's customized TIE/In starfighter fleeing the dying ship and teamed up with General Edor Crespin to chase him down. After Trigit initially refused to surrender, Donos launched a pair of proton torpedoes, denying Trigit a second chance to give up after his escort of two TIEs was destroyed. Trigit's ship was destroyed, killing the Admiral.[1]

"Pretty. What do we blow up first?"
―Myn Donos to Wedge Antilles[src]

Shortly afterward, Donos began to fall in love with Lara Notsil, unaware that she was actually Gara Petothel, the woman who provided Trigit with the information he needed to eliminate Talon Squadron.[2] When Garik Loran inadvertently revealed her deception to the Wraiths at Kidriff 5, Donos tried to kill her, but nearly destroyed Loran instead. Antilles chose to report the firing of Donos's weapons as "accidental", provided Donos received medical and psychiatric treatment. With the help of his friends and comrades, Donos came out of his tailspin and rejoined the squadron as they prepared to attack Zsinj near Kuat. Following the battle with Zsinj at Selaggis Six, Myn accepted a position with Rogue Squadron, choosing to fly rather than remain with the Wraiths who joined New Republic Intelligence.[3]

Donos flew with the Rogues during the Thrawn campaign and fought in the Battle of Bilbringi that saw Thrawn's death. Rogue Squadron was then assigned to the Hegemony theater, where they fought against Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel, a warlord and leader of the Ciutric Hegemony. Donos fought in the Battle of Distna, where he was believed dead along with most of the squadron. However, they were actually rescued by TIE Defender squadrons led by Colonel Broak Vessery, an Imperial loyal to Ysanne Isard. Isard made an alliance with Rogue Squadron against Krennel, and arranged for them to use TIE Defenders to infiltrate Krennel's forces. Donos fought in the resulting Battle of Ciutric, which saw the deaths of Krennel and a clone of Isard, as well as the liberation of General Jan Dodonna and other prisoners.[4]

Following the conclusion of the Zsinj campaign, Donos and Petothel—who had taken the alias "Kirney Slane"—were married,[5] and by 40 ABY the pair had founded a transport company called "Donoslane Excursions" on Corellia.[6] They had also had at least two children by the year 44 ABY.[7]

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The likeness of Myn Donos was based on Bradley Wayne Hanson, a friend of Star Wars artist Joe Corroney.[8]



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