The Mynock-class assault boat was a Corellian in-system combat vessel, developed during the early years of the New Republic.


It was said to have been designed as a new generation of system patrol craft, carrying more firepower and troops than earlier designs like the Sienar Fleet Systems IPV-1, but although equipped with its own hyperdrive, it was notably slower and less maneuverable, and significantly smaller than the 100-meter minimum that had formerly defined system patrol craft. In effect, it was a robust troop carrier that could be deployed in customs operations against pirates and smugglers, rather than a conventional patrol craft with expanded troop capacity.

The assault boat measured 44 meters long, with two internal decks, and it was relatively heavily armed for its size, with a turret-mounted quad laser cannon and concussion missile tube, two medium ion cannons, and a pair of light chin guns. It was also well armored and shielded, and it had a class 2 hyperdrive, although sublight speed and maneuverability were limited.

The Mynock-class assault boat was crewed by a pilot, a co-pilot, and a gunner, and could carry up to 24 troops. Its main role in space was as a boarding craft, but its primary mission was ground assault, where its heavy weaponry could provide effective fire support for the infantry it carried. A single assault boat and its compliment of troopers was considered capable of dealing with most small surface targets.


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