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The Mynock was a starship commanded by Cade Skywalker, named after the parasitic mynock. Aside from Cade, his crew included co-pilot Jariah Syn, mechanic Deliah Blue and later astromech droid R2-D2.


The Mynock began life as a Helot-class medium space transport, built by Cade's uncle "Bantha" Rawk (aka Nat Skywalker) and extensively modified by Deliah Blue. Much like the legendary Millennium Falcon, she was heavily customized from the original configuration; in fact, it was rumored in many spaceports that virtually nothing of the Mynock's original design existed on the current incarnation of the ship. Modifications included enhanced armor, sub-light engines, weapons and hyperdrive, and shield generators for additional protection, the latter not normally equipped on a Helot-class transport. For weapons, the ship was armed with at least two medium laser cannons on either side of its bridge module, additional heavy laser cannons on a turret assembly on its ventral side, which could retract into the ship when not in use, and one quad laser cannon on its tail module. As well, it could carry at least three starfighters within its hold. All of these modifications would produce a ship that could fly nearly as fast as dedicated starfighters in both sub-light and hyperspace, while possessing Corvette level defenses and firepower.


The Mynock at the Hidden Temple in 137 ABY

Skywalker and his crew used the Mynock to ferry themselves around the galaxy while hunting down bounties. Like many other ships of questionable legality, the Mynock had its transponder codes changed regularly.

During the Second Imperial Civil War, they were hired to transport Marasiah Fel to Vendaxa. While on the planet, a skirmish broke out between the opposing factions of the Galactic Empire and several fugitive Jedi. During the battle, the Mynock shot down at least one Sith fighter with its quad laser cannon.

Later, piloting the Mynock to Coruscant, Cade easily outflew a squadron of Predator-class fighters and hid on the side of a building in the Coruscant Undercity using docking clamps. He locked down the ship, leaving R2-D2 in charge, but left the access codes with Jool at Rik's Cantina in case his crew should eventually show up, and he did not return from his mission to the Temple of the Sith. In order for them to raid the Sith Temple, they had to change its ID signature to Chak's. The Mynock flew above the Temple, preparing to drop Corde. Skull Squadron engaged it, but had to withdraw so as not to violate the laws of the Sith. They successfully managed to rescue Cade and flee the planet.

The Mynock soon came back to Socorro to retrieve the Grinning Liar and then flew off to Rawk's Nest on Iego for safety. However, Black Sun was attacking the compound, so its crew decided to help out. But after a few days there, an Imperial patrol came by looking for Skywalker but were dissuaded by Azlyn Rae. Deciding that killing Krayt would end his problems, Cade traveled to the Hidden Temple to ask for Jedi help. Unfortunately, the Council rejected his rash course of action. But Cade was joined by Azlyn, Antares Draco, Ganner Krieg, and Shado Vao in his mission.

The Mynock flew into the Deep Core to Had Abbadon when they were thrust out of hyperspace by the interdiction field of the Iron Sun and tractor beamed into the hangar. Shortly after the event that transpired upon the Iron Sun, the Mynock continued to transport Cade and his company to Had Abaddon, and from there to Kiffex, where it crash landed after Syn and Blue flew her through an electrical storm while Cade held onto to a barely living Azlyn. Deliah was able repair the ship just before Cade was banished from Kiffex. Later, it also fought in the Battle of Coruscant.



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