Myrial was a female Argazdan who served as the Provisional Governor of Argazda and the leader of a secessionist Vianist religious sect named after her during the Old Sith Wars.


With the Galactic Republic preoccupied with the Mandalorian Wars, Myrial and her followers seceded the Kanz sector from the Republic and established the totalitarian Argazdan Redoubt in 3970 BBY. Her military forces occupied many systems within the region and enslaved those that refused to adhere to Myrialite beliefs.

In retaliation for their support for the Amaltannan resistance, Myrialite forces conquered and enslaved the Lorrdian species. Any attempt from the Republic that she made to reign was soon cut short and was later killed during the Mandalorian Wars.


Myrial established the totalitarian Argazdan Redoubt that would last for three hundred years, enslaving many of the peoples of the Kanz sector, including the Lorrdians. The atrocities, called the Kanz Disorders, were eventually ended when the Jedi Knights overthrew the dictatorship in 3670 BBY. By the Imperial Period, most contemporary Argazdans looked back on the actions of Myrial and her followers with shame.



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