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Myrkr was a forested world, located fairly close to the galaxy's major population centers in the outskirts of the Inner Rim Territories. It was close to the borders with the Expansion Region and relatively near to the planet of Wayland. It was believed to be the homeworld of the Neti species, although the Neti established a colony on Ryyk some time prior to 4000 BBY, apparently abandoning Myrkr.

Since the planet attracted little attention, it was frequently visited by smugglers, fugitives and all kinds of other outlaws, which were known to build secret bases in the depths of Myrkr's forests.


Native Ysalamiri.

Myrkr was primarily a forested world, located in the Myrkr system of the Inner Rim Territories. Its forests were home to the ysalamiri lizard-like creatures, which were known to posses the ability to "push back" the Force. Other indigenous animals that were present on the planet's surface included the vornskr, a deadly whip-tailed creature which used the energy field of the Force to hunt and track its prey.[5]

The planet also possessed unique trees, which were known to have a high metal content and systematically interfered with many sensor scan devices.[5]

Myrkr's forested surface also had some urban areas like the unobtrusive port town of Hyllyard City. Although it served as the largest urban settlement and the commercial hub of the planet, its inhabitants mostly consisted of smugglers, malcontents and fugitives from other worlds.[6]


The planet was first discovered between 20,000 BBY to 15,000 BBY, sometime between the Great Manifest Period and the settlement of Trailing Sectors.[1]

In 3963 BBY, Myrkr was the site of fighting during the Mandalorian Wars. Myrkr was settled by Humans circa 300 BBY. During the Clone Wars, many pirates, criminals, and bounty hunters hid on Myrkr because the ysalamiri were avoided by the Jedi and it was a perfect place for a base of operations because the high metal content of the flora confused most sensor equipment. Despite its relatively central location, Myrkr was generally ignored by galactic society during the time of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. The guardian of Nomi Sunrider's holocron was known to be from the race that inhabited Myrkr.

Talon Karrde's base on Myrkr.

Myrkr was home to the ysalamiri, creatures which created bubbles which pushed back the Force.[6] This ability evolved to protect them from pack animals called vornskrs, the only known animals to hunt exclusively by sensing the Force. The ysalamiri lived on olbio trees.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Zann Consortium may have infiltrated the planet. The Consortium possibly gained the ability to train vornskrs and build ysalamiri cages for their Mobile Defense Units.

In 9 ABY, Myrkr was located between Imperial and New Republic territory. During that time, Talon Karrde's organization had a base on Myrkr. In the early phases of Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign, Imperial forces moved on the world in order to secure supplies of ysalamiri.

The Yuuzhan Vong conquered the planet and used the native vornskrs to create the voxyn, which were cloned in the worldship Baanu Rass in the Myrkr system. A Jedi strike team infiltrated this worldship to kill the voxyn queen. During this mission, Anakin Solo was killed. After the mission, Baanu Rass was destroyed, and the Domain Lah worldship went into orbit over Myrkr.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Jacen Solo brought Tahiri Veila to the system in order to use his abilities in flow-walking to revisit the Myrkr mission. Although Jacen claimed his intentions were noble, he was in fact manipulating Tahiri so that she would become more and more loyal to him and him alone. The two watched the final moments of the mission and Tahiri was able to give Anakin one last kiss before he succumbed to his wounds. So addicted to flow-walking was Tahiri that the two revisited the scene a further five times, tiring Jacen but completely bending her to his will.


Apart from the native Neti species Myrkr's population consisted of Human settlers of which most of them were mainly outlaws (smugglers, malcontents, and fugitives from other worlds), who primarily used the planet's obscurity for smuggling operations and other illegal activities.[5][6] One such particular smuggler was Talon Karrde, who, during the Galactic Civil War, placed his smuggling organization's secret headquarters deep inside Myrkr's Great Northern Forest.[5]

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On numerous occasions, the New Jedi Order series of books has misspelled Myrkr as "Mukyr."


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