Myrkr Base was a smuggling base built by Talon Karrde in the Great Northern Forest on the world of Myrkr.


In 9 ABY, The Myrkr Base was the main base of operations of Talon Karrde's organization.

Karrdes Myrkr base

Talon Karrde's base map.

In the early phases of Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign, Imperial forces moved on the world in order to secure supplies of ysalamiri. The smugglers stayed first neutral towards the Imperial forces but were eventually forced to attack them after the capture of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in the Great Northern Forest.

Consequently, Karrde's smugglers were forced to flee the Imperials and evacuate Myrkr to Rishi. The base was emptied and abandoned. Thrawn returned to Myrkr after the Battle of Sluis Van, using AT-STs and AT-ATs to invade the planet and secure the base. But as he had expected, Karrde had left no trace.



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