Myrra was the capital city on the Outer Rim planet Akiva, with about a million inhabitants. Underneath the city was an abandoned droid factory that had been used to produce battle droids for use by Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars during its control of the planet decades prior to the start of the Cold War. The factory was built in a system of catacombs that ran under the city and were rumored to be haunted. The satrapy of Akiva lived in Myrra in a very large palace.[1]

Almost everyone in Myrra used the bala-bala, a small speeder used to navigate the tight chanels and streets, or to lift some crates.

Following the Battle of Endor, the Imperial Future Council attempted to hold an emergency conference in Myrra to plan the future of the Galactic Empire, however, their meeting was sabotaged by a group of rebels and bounty hunters, who stirred up unrest in the city and ultimately ended the rule of the Satrap.[1]

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