The Mythosaur axe was a weapon used by the Mandalorian Crusaders, named after the extinct Mandalorian monster, the Mythosaur. It was most notably used by Mandalore the Indomitable.


The axe was made of overlapping blades of calcified Mythosaur bone constructed on either side of the handle. The weapon was a ceremonial weapon but could be deadly if used in combat. Mandalore the Ultimate had a modernized version of a Mythosaur Axe forged from the scrap of the starship Courageous. The modern metals combined with an energy cell produced a greater damage capability.[1]


Battle of Kuar
On the Plains of Harkul on the Mandalorian world of Kuar, Mandalore the Indomitable challenged Ulic Qel-Droma to a duel, inviting the Sith to put away his lightsaber and fight using only Mythosaur axes. Qel-Droma agreed to these terms, fought against Mandalore using the traditional weapon, and eventually defeated him. As a result, Mandalore pledged his loyalty to Qel-Droma, thereby allying the Mandalorian clans with the Sith, thus escalating the events of the Great Sith War.[3]



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