The Naboo N-1T Advanced Starfighter was the successor of the N-1 starfighter.


The N-1T Advanced Starfighter was a vessel used by the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps. It featured superior firepower with its laser cannons and durability than the N-1 starfighter. The craft featured two engine units and was flown by one pilot and an astromech droid. The starfighter featured chromium plating in the bow and was colored yellow in the aft section. The starfighters were produced at Naboo airbases.[1]

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N-1 concept art

The N-1T is similar to earlier concept art of a less streamlined iteration of the N-1 starfighter. It first appeared in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2003 expansion pack as the Naboo civilization's advanced fighter unit. It was constructable in skirmish only.



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