N.R.I. Reports was a subpage of LucasArts' Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast promotional website. N.R.I. Reports conveyed the game's backstory through a series of weekly updates, which were styled as reports made by the New Republic Intelligence Service to Mon Mothma. The final report, dated 21 March 2002, included an audio file of a conversation between Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors and Mon Mothma that occurred after the game's opening crawl.

With the release of Jedi Outcast, N.R.I. Reports was included in the game's README file, though this iteration omitted the introductory text, substituted the word "holovid" for "comlink" in the last update and substituted "WEEK 1… WEEK 2…" and so forth for the dates of the updates on the web page. When LucasArts revamped their website, N.R.I. Reports was taken down.

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