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The NJP-900 integrated jetpack was a jetpack utilized by First Order and Sith Eternal forces. It was notably used by First Order jet troopers on Pasaana when Resistance operatives were spotted among visitors at the planet's Festival of the Ancestors in the Forbidden Valley.


The NJP-900 jetpack was directly attached to the user's armor and allowed for a high degree of mobility in combat. First Order jet troopers and Sith Jetpack Troopers utilized the jetpack, the former of which were able to match the speed of a pair of Pasaana skimmers hotwired by Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, which were traveling at roughly 250kph. The NJP-900 was equipped with gyroscopes within the jetpack to adjust to movement and increases of speed, matching the reflexes of the user. It was also paired with jet trooper's helmet visors, giving them additional access to technical information while in flight.[2]


Jetpacks were in service since the time of the Old Republic, and their legacy was made famous by Mandalorian supercommandos. The NJP-900 was the newest in a long line of mobile propulsion units throughout the galaxy's history.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The NJP-900 integrated jetpack first appeared on a Sith Jetpack Trooper in the young reader book First Order Villains.



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