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NM-K reconstitutors, also called nano-droids were a type of microscopic droid mainly used in electronics fabrication. At a mere 1.5 nanometers in length, nano-droids were undetectable, except by dedicated sensors. The droids were stored in a suspension of electrolytic transfer fluid, and workers would apply them to material using a swab or roller. If illegally reprogrammed, NM-K reconstitutors were capable of reconstituting carbon-based matter into dangerously unstable configurations, with the potential to create violent explosions. Because of such deadly applications, nano-droids were strictly regulated by Galactic Republic law and prohibited outside of closely monitored industrial uses.[1]

Late in the Clone Wars, Letta Turmond, under the direction of Jedi Barriss Offee, fed nano-droids to her husband, a Jedi Temple worker named Jackar Bowmani, and used him to stage a bombing of the Temple's hangar.[2] The resulting explosion killed Bowmani and twenty five others, with dozens more wounded and extensive damage inflicted to the hangar.[1]

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