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"I am not programmed to give you that answer."
―NON-3, to Padmé Amidala[src]

NON-3, nicknamed Nonnie, was a NON unit assigned to Padmé Amidala, senator for Naboo in the Galactic Senate. Amidala quickly grew to dislike the protocol droid and used it as a target for her frustration with the customs she was required to follow during her six-week Senate orientation session. NON-3 also had a malfunctioning vocabulator that caused the droid to slur its words, making it difficult to understand, yet the problem was never fixed no matter how many times it was sent to maintenance, as Amidala was repeatedly told there was no problem.[1]

Near the end of Amidala's orientation session, NON-3 was reprogrammed to lead her into an assassination attempt via an alleged "private tour" of the Senate Building's lower levels. Amidala and her handmaidens and guards, suspicious, decided to use the opportunity to test handmaiden Cordé's skills at impersonating Amidala for the first time, with the Senator accompanying her disguised in handmaiden robes. NON-3 was completely fooled by the deception, and escorted Cordé and Amidala to an area of the Senate Building that was scheduled for demolition that day. However, Senator Bail Organa saw Amidala's speeder going below the safety limits and followed, finding the group as Amidala and Cordé were attempting to order the droid to leave the area due to the lights being off. After the disguised Cordé told Organa about NON-3's malfunctions, he successfully ordered the droid to report to maintenance, after which none of the members of the Naboo delegation saw it again.[1]

Amidala's apparent incompetence leading her into an "accident" became the fodder of sensationalistic news stories. Only the first article on the incident, from a reputable source, even mentioned the malfunctioning droid in the last paragraph, as less reputable publications made Amidala out to be an idiot. Amidala and her staff suspected the vengeful Trade Federation to be behind the assassination attempt, as they were known to have an affinity with droids.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

NON-3 appeared in the young-adult novel Queen's Shadow, written by E. K. Johnston and published in 2019.[1] Johnston revealed on her Tumblr blog that she chose the name NON-3 and the nickname Nonnie as a reference to the slang term "nonnie," which describes users who send questions anonymously using the website's Ask feature.[2]

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