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"You… can sense him?"
―Naa'leth to Asajj Ventress, referring to Dooku[src]

Naa'leth was a female Dathomirian Nightsister during the Clone Wars.[1]


"Karis and Naa'leth are the greatest warriors of our coven."

Naa'leth, along with fellow sister Karis, was recognized by her leader Mother Talzin as one of the greatest warriors of her clan.[1] Circa 21 BBY, she and other Nightsisters defended their clan's village against the approach of Asajj Ventress, whom she and the others interpreted as an unwelcome stranger, unaware that she was in fact one of their clan. She soon became involved in the revenge of Ventress on Dooku. The assassins—Naa'leth, Karis and Ventress—initially gained the upper hand, but were overpowered by Dooku and forced to retreat.[1]

Naa'leth briefly accompanied fellow sisters Talzin and Talia to Serenno on a Separatist shuttle in order to deliver Savage Opress to Count Dooku—a seemingly innocent gesture which in fact was part of a greater revenge scheme. The three Nightsisters returned to Dathomir shortly afterward.[5]

Naa'leth later died during the Battle of Dathomir.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Naa'leth was hard to detect due to the spells cast upon her by Mother Talzin. Her weapons included a captured Jedi lightsaber, a dagger, and an energy bow. She also moved silently and had Force-enhanced reflexes.[3]

In combat, she was known to use the "Coiled Viper" dagger strike.[4]



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