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Naalol was a strategically insignificant mountainous planet in the[2] Mid Rim Territories.[1] It had a series of mountainous towns with small crooked mountainous houses. The people who lived here were valdeer shepherds as well as artisans or miners.[2]

Although the planet was not strategically significant, the Galactic Civil War found its way to the planet. As the Galactic Empire lost more and more territory to the New Republic, it had to gain territory on previously neutral and backwater worlds, including Naalol. A small Imperial garrison on the planet soon grew in size, and a battle was fought between the New Republic and the Empire, with the New Republic winning. In the battle, an entire town was destroyed, and the livelihood of its people would never be the same.[2]

Chancellor Mon Mothma visited the planet to witness the destruction that the Galactic Civil War created firsthand. Afterwards, she left to return to Chandrila to vote on whether the New Republic should begin the demilitarization process to prevent further destruction.[2]



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