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The Naberrie family was a human family native to the planet Naboo in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. Though of humble beginnings, a member of the family, Padmé Naberrie, became a prominent political figure during the Fall of the Republic, beginning with her election as the Monarch of Naboo. The daughter of Ruwee Naberrie and his wife, Jobal Naberrie, Padmé was publicly known as Amidala, Queen of the Naboo following her ascension to the throne in 32 BBY. She had a sister, Sola Naberrie, who gave birth to Ryoo Naberrie in 28 BBY.

Amidala's early reign was marked by the Trade Federation's blockade and invasion of her planet. With the Galactic Senate unable to intervene, Amidala forged an alliance between the Royal House of Naboo and the Gungan High Council in order to end the occupation of their shared homeworld. In the aftermath of the Naboo–Gungan victory, Amidala completed her term in office before stepping down from the monarchy. However, at the request of her successor, Amidala assumed the post of senator, becoming her people's representative on the galactic capital of Coruscant. After the first battle of the Clone Wars, Amidala had fallen in love with Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, and the two were married in a private ceremony on Naboo despite the Jedi Order's stance against attachment.

Their marriage remained a secret throughout the conflict and ultimately culminated in the conception of twins—a son and a daughter, Luke Skywalker and Leia Amidala Skywalker. By then, Anakin had fallen to the dark side of the Force and became Darth Vader, the Sith Lord who betrayed and destroyed the Jedi while his master, Darth Sidious, proclaimed himself Emperor of the Galactic Empire. As a result, Amidala died from a broken heart, having lost the will to live. In addition to the Gungans and Naboo citizens who mourned their one-time queen, Amidala's family attended her funeral ceremony. Her children were separated and sent into hiding in order to protect them from their fallen father. Within a generation, the Skywalker children were reunited during the Galactic Civil War, and together they helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Sith and their New Order.



The Naberrie were human natives of the planet Naboo in the Mid Rim area of the galaxy.[5] During the reign of the Galactic Republic, the marriage of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie produced two children, the sisters Sola[2] and Padmé Naberrie.[8] In 28 BBY, Sola gave birth to a daughter named Ryoo Naberrie.[2]


"I wasn't the youngest Queen ever elected. But now that I think back on it, I'm not sure I was old enough. I'm not sure I was ready."
―Padmé Amidala[3]

Padmé Naberrie became Queen Amidala of Naboo during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

Despite her parents' humble background, Padmé was identified early as one of her people's most promising leaders. Having chosen a life dedicated to civic duty, she became the elected sovereign of the Royal House of Naboo and adopted "Amidala" as her name in office.[8] Shortly after her coronation[4] in 32 BBY,[9] the Queen of Naboo lost control of her world to the Trade Federation. The Invasion of Naboo was illegal; however, the Federation's Neimoidian leaders attempted to coerce Amidala's cooperation, but the Jedi Order's intervention caused them to lose their royal hostage.[10] The queen journeyed to the Core World Coruscant, capital of the Republic, and beseeched the Galactic Senate to lift the siege of her homeworld. On the advice of her close advisor, Senator Sheev Palpatine, Amidala called for a Vote of No Confidence in Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, hoping that his successor would be more swift to take action on Naboo's behalf.[4]

After returning to Naboo, Amidala formed an alliance with the leaders of the Gungan race, hoping to use the Gungan Grand Army against the Trade Federation's droid forces. The ensuing battle was a decisive victory for the alliance; Viceroy Nute Gunray was captured by Amidala herself, as such, the liberation of Naboo was achieved. In addition, the political upheaval on Naboo enabled Palpatine to become chancellor, placing a citizen of Naboo in the highest galactic office with Amidala's help.[4]

Secrets and war[]

"We could keep it a secret."
"We'd be living a lie, one that we couldn't keep, even if we wanted to."
―Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala[3]

Amidala married the Jedi Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars.

Amidala stepped down from the throne after finishing her term as queen[11] during the decline and fall of the Republic.[3] At the request of her successor, Queen Réillata, she continued to serve the Naboo by representing their world in the Senate.[2] During the Separatist Crisis, Amidala grew closer to Padawan Anakin Skywalker, although she was concerned that their relationship would scandalize her career and lead to Skywalker's expulsion due to the Order's policy against attachment. Despite her reservations, Amidala married Skywalker in secret shortly after the first battle of the Clone Wars[3] in 22 BBY.[9]

The union between Amidala and Skywalker ultimately led to the birth of their children, the twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Amidala Skywalker, by the war's end[5] in 19 BBY.[9] By then, Skywalker had turned to the dark side of the Force, becoming the Sith Lord Darth Vader, which resulted in Amidala's death in childbirth due to a broken heart. A funeral ceremony was held in Theed,[5] the capital city of Naboo,[12] where the people mourned the loss of their former sovereign. The Naberrie family was among those who paid their respects to the former queen. Vader, who betrayed and almost completely destroyed the Jedi, was unaware that his late wife had given birth to two children just prior to her death. The twins were separated and sent into hiding in order to protect them from their Sith father.[5]

Family tree[]

Ruwee Naberrie[2]
Jobal Naberrie[2]
Sola Naberrie[2]
Padmé Naberrie[1]
Anakin Skywalker[3]
Pooja Naberrie[5]
Ryoo Naberrie[2]
(see Skywalker family)[5]



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