Nable was a Jedi youngling who escaped Order 66 with K'Kruhk and Chase Piru.


Clone WarsEdit

Nable was a youngling, member of the Soaring Hawkbat Clan. The clan was stationed at the Jedi chapter house on Bogden 3. They were awaiting transport back to the Coruscant Jedi Temple, which had been delayed due to the battle there. When Masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived with their clone troopers, Order 66 was issued. Several of the younglings were killed as Du Mahn defended them. K'Kruhk and Chase Piru ultimately escaped with nine younglings to parts unknown. Two months afterwards, the young Jedi was living with the group of younglings in exile under the tutelage of K'Kruhk.

Great Jedi PurgeEdit

Beelpop melons

Nable picking beelpop melons on Arkinnea

Nable was present when Lumbra and his men came to the youngling's camp. When they noticed that the broken ship had a piece that they needed, Lumbra proceeded to take it. As he approached the ship, fellow youngling, Seddwia, jumped at him saying that it was their ship and to leave it alone. Lumbra grabbed Seddwia by the arm and pulled her away, starting a conflict. Piru jumped to her rescue, but was shot and believed dead. When Lumbra realized they were Jedi younglings, they were chained up and on their way to be turned into the Empire.

The younglings were freed by K'Kruhk who gave in to un-jedi like behavior briefly. With the help of Chase Piru, he shot down Lumbra's men with arrows. Lumbra and his shipmate, Callow, died at the hands of K'Kruhk's lightsaber.


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