"Lieutenant, the embassy is secure. Open the landing pads and notify the delegates we're open for business."
Gregar Typho[src]

The Naboo Embassy was the official representation of the Royal House of Naboo on Coruscant during the reign of the Galactic Republic.


Occupied by the delegation from Naboo following the Chommell sector's acceptance into the Galactic Republic circa 800 BBY, the Embassy served as a place for all Naboo immigrants living on Coruscant to visit and speak with their representatives. The headquarters of all Naboo activity on Coruscant, the building was located just southwest of the Senate Building and Monument Plaza.[2]

In 52 BBY the funeral of Senator Vidar Kim was held at the embassy, his body cremated after a viewing ceremony and his ashes returned to Naboo by his colleague, Janus Greejatus.[1]



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