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Naboo ST hangar

The hangar

"Star Tours, follow us down to the rebel hangar! You'll be safe there."
Unidentified female Naboo Rebel pilot to Star Tours flight.[src]

This hangar was a facility used by the Rebel Alliance on the planet Naboo.


During a battle between Rebel-affiliated N-1 starfighters and an opposing force of Vulture-class starfighters and Lucrehulk-class battleships, a Star Tours StarSpeeder 1000 transport exited hyperspace into the battlefield. The N-1s escorted the vessel down to the planet, guiding it to the hangar, but were ambushed by droid fighters along the way. After a hazardous journey through the planet's core, the StarSpeeder 1000 emerged in front of the hangar, crash-landing inside of it and was impaled on the end of a N-1's tail section.


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