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The Naboo Resistance were a group of loosely organized resistance cells created primarily by members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Acting largely independent from each other, the groups opposed the Trade Federation during their occupation of Naboo. The groups conducted several operations during the occupation, and eventually joined forces with Queen Amidala to participate in the Second Battle of Theed.


The Naboo Resistance was formed after the Trade Federation invaded the planet[3] in the year 32 BBY.[8] During the course of the invasion, the Resistance set up operations in the Naboo airbase at the south ridge of Theed.[4] A Resistance base was set up in the Naboo training canyon, while an outpost was attacked.[5] Asha, one of Queen Amidala's servants, became a leader of the Resistance and had contact with the Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.[2] The resistance also had a presence in the city Spinnaker, and were engaged in combat with the Trade Federation forces by the time Gungan Grand Army liberated of the city.[7] At the Second Battle of Theed, some members of the Resistance captured Gode Takrab, a Neimoidian counterfeiter who had forged a treaty legalizing the Trade Federation's invasion.[3]



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