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"Enemy fighters straight ahead!"
―Ric Olié[2]

The Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, also known as the Royal Naboo Starfighter Corps[1] or Royal Space Fighter Corps (RSFC),[7] was one of three divisions of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Led by Captain Panaka, the Space Fighter Corps was responsible for protecting the space and atmosphere around the planet Naboo. Ric Olié, a veteran of the Space Fighter Corps,[1] was the organization's commander,[4] the leader of Bravo Flight and also served as the pilot for the Naboo Monarch's Royal Starship.[1] During the Battle of Naboo, the Space Fighter Corps took on the Trade Federation, ultimately defeating them with the help of Anakin Skywalker.[2]

The main starfighter of the Fighter Corps fleet was the N-1 starfighter. This craft, which blended function and form, made an eye-catching and effective starfighter.[4]

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