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"My troops are in position to begin searching the swamps for these rumored underwater villages. They will not stay hidden for long."

The Naboo Swamp Battle (or the Gungan Swamp Assault) was a raid attempted by the Trade Federation on the underwater Gungan cities of Naboo in the Invasion of Naboo.


"Scanners indicate the city is mostly deserted. Nevertheless, we must eliminate all remaining resistance."

Darth Maul had come into play during the invasion of Naboo by his master, Darth Sidious. He worked with the Trade Federation and was able to interrogate a Bothan surveyor named Leika to uncover Gungan governor Boss Ganne's stronghold.

The battle[]

"Wesa stayed in Otoh Gunga, until the mackineeks attacked mesa beautiful city."
Boss Nass[src]

Maul and Commander OOM-9 traveled aboard an S-DST, followed by Single Trooper Aerial Platforms to battle the Gungans at their stone fortifications. The Gungans were putting up a stern defense. STAPS were being destroyed everywhere. Then, Maul jumped on one of the remaining STAPS and flew toward Boss Ganne and his fellow Ankura general, slaughtering Gungans that stood in his way with his lightsaber. He beheaded Ganne's co-general and disarmed the Boss, resulting in his capture. Using a mind trick on Ganne, Maul was then led to the city of Rellias and used Ganne as a hostage to get the Gungan soldiers to open the gates. The Trade Federation was given intelligence that there were more underwater cities. Although most of the Trade Federation Droid Army could not function underwater, specialized droidekas were produced to back Maul in his raid of the Rellias channel and its adjoining communities including the great Gungan city, Otoh Gunga.

OOM-9 at the Battle of Grassy Plains

Forces of B1-Series battle droids led by OOM-9 occupied and cleared the swamps above Lake Paonga, leading down to Otoh Gunga. However, word of the invasion allowed just enough time for Otoh Gunga to be warned of the upcoming attack and evacuated. Maul once more interrogated Ganne for answers as to where Otoh Gunga would be, but an impulse urged the Boss to resist. As a result, the Sith Lord killed him. News of the returning of Queen Amidala to Naboo, from outworld duties, stalled the swamp assault. After hearing this news, Maul left OOM-9 in charge of the raid and raced back to Theed to instruct Viceroy Nute Gunray to prepare the capital for the upcoming attack. OOM-9 led the assault forces in Maul's absence. Small Gungan communities were eradicated, but Otoh Gunga was found abandoned. OOM-9 aborted the final objectives of the swamp invasion, leading his forces back to Theed and later to the Grassy Plains.


"Now dat Otoh Gunga issa no more, wesa must unite all deh Gungans at deh Sacred Place."
―Boss Nass[src]

Because of the events of the attempted attack, Queen Amidala and her forces, Jar Jar Binks, Obi Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Anakin Skywalker were unable to locate and find the Gungans at Otoh Gunga when they returned from Coruscant to forge an alliance with the Gungans, and thus were slightly delayed before heading for the Gungans' Sacred Place.

The city of Otoh Gunga before the attack

Behind the scenes[]

The Naboo Swamp Battle was first mentioned in 1999 with the release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and its tie-ins. In 2001, the battle appeared as a playable mission in the video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack, Clone Campaigns during two consecutive Trade Federation missions. In 2012, the short story "End Game" was added to the Phantom Menace novelization, further confirmed its canon appearance as well as adding Darth Maul's thoughts and actions while in command of the Trade Federation forces.



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