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Swamp dwellers are seen on the bow of the ship, moments before being attacked by a Trade Federation Gunboat.

Naboo houseboats were wooden boats inhabited by swamp dwellers of all sorts. Located in the Naboo Bayou and the Naboo Swamps, the boats were old-fashioned, wheel-powered river boats that had living quarters on board.

Battle for NabooEdit

During the Trade Federation blockade, the boats were unhesitatingly attacked by droid fighters and bombers, largely due to the fact that they were easily destructible being made of wood. Captain Kael and Gavyn Sykes had escaped from Theed and came to aid the fleeing houseboats in N-X Police Cruisers. They eventually drove the droid fighters off, earning the help of Naboo Swamp dweller Vedd Deviss.

Behind the scenesEdit

They were inspired by real life steamboats which are found in swamp areas in the Southeastern United States.