Nadia Grell was a female Sarkhai Jedi Padawan who was active during the Cold War.


Nadia Grell was the daughter of Senator Tobas Grell of Sarkhai. Nadia had not spent much time off her home planet. She held an intense curiosity for all the species and experiences that she had never seen before and picked up an interest in diplomacy from assisting her father.[1]

When the Barsen'thor was tasked with meeting and aiding the Rift Alliance on the Republic ship, the Fortitude, Sith ambushed the ship. They rigged it to crash and kill the leaders of the Rift Alliance and separate them from the Republic. Nadia had hidden and been trying to contact anyone she could. She was able to warn the arriving Barsen'thor, who saved the delegation and got them onto his own ship, where they stayed for a long time.

The Jedi Consular discovered that Nadia was unusually strong in the Force during an incident at Attis Station. Force-users were practically unheard of on her homeworld, rendering Nadia as a freak in the eyes of her people. Nadia's father took her along on his diplomatic missions away from Sarkhai hoping that he could find someone to help her control her abilities and help her meet similar people. But upon seeing Jedi, he noticed she was more powerful but uncontrolled in comparison to the masters he met.

After her father's death at the hands of "Stark", a mysterious Sith Lord whose name was taken by the First Son, Nadia was inducted into the Jedi Order as a Padawan under the guidence of the Barsen'thor in accordance with her father's will. [1]

Nadia would inherit her father's position representing her home for the Republic and would have to leave training for these duties from time to time.

Powers and abilities

Nadia was capable of Force eruption, an uncommon force power.

Behind the scenes

Nadia Grell is a companion character for the Jedi Consular class of Star Wars: The Old Republic and a romanceable option for a male Consular. Nadia is voiced by Holly Fields.[2]



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