Nadin Paal was a male Gran lieutenant who served in Nirama's organization based out of the Cularin system during the final decades of the Galactic Republic.


A Gran, Nadin Paal was a member of the crime lord Nirama's criminal organization, ascending to the rank of lieutenant during his service. Paal was appointed as Nirama's "trade envoy" to the Cularin government, ensuring that the organization remained safe from sanctions and judicial review.[1] Aside from his work as spokesperson Paal earned credits as a smuggler, piloting his modified YT-1300 called the Whirling Stars.

While under Nirama's employ, Lieutenant Paal earned the ire of Riboga the Hutt, who placed a large bounty on his head with the condition that it could only be claimed if Paal left the system. The Bounty Hunters' Guild always had somebody watching Paal's movements and thus, even with the Gran knowing that problems were approaching as of 32 BBY, he remained in Cularin. The bounty would trap the Gran insystem despite the fact that he wanted to earn a respectable living else where.[2]

Circa 20 BBY,[3] Nadin Paal, second-in-command to Nirama since Len Markus's mysterious disappearance, traveled to the Jedi Order's Almas Academy, to take part in a private ceremony of gratitude towards the heroes who defeated the notorious slaver Phylus Mon.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Nadin Paal usually came off as a nervous individual, and always seemed to be looking over his shoulder. He did not want anybody to find out about his thoughts of going straight, and would get defensive when his motives were called into question.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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