Nadrin Tro was a Neimoidian male scientist working for the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Galactic War. He was part of the New Thinking Division and was involved in the plans to acquire Isotope-5 for the Imperial strike force during the Conquest of Makeb.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Imperial Science Bureau member Nadrin was among the team led by Katha Niar that infiltrated Makeb's Gravity Hook 7 to work on acquiring Isotope-5. After Solida Hesk provided the information on the isotope storage location, the team decided to raid Stronghold One, a fortress designed as a planetary vault. To slip inside undetected, Nadrin came up with the idea of detonating explosives around the Volcanic mesa to make it look like a groundquake. The team led by Sith Lord Cytharat got inside and defeated the Hutt enforcer Vorjok, but discovered that all mined isotope was converted into the Isotope-5 droids. After having a difficulty in defeating even one, the team found many more activating and consulted Nadrin for options. After consulting the Imperial Science Bureau Geo-Engineering Corps, Nadrin formulated a plan to lower facility's shield and flood the droids with lava. The plan worked, though Sergeant Tabrex and Lord Cytharat died in process.

Now tasked with saving Makeb from destruction by instabilities in the planetary core, the team relocated to the Drill Site Control Center.[1] Nadrin consulted with scientists from the Taris Engineering Post, Quesh Geo-survey Station and Special Energy Project Center and together they formulated a bold plan: use the drilling platforms to accelerate the destruction so that the core would settle into a new state of equilibrium, preserving the planet. After rescuing local engineers to run the drilling platforms, the team moved to capture the three mining platforms on the Cartel mining mesa. Once all three platforms were taken, the drills were fired into the core, causing massive tectonic and volcanic activity planet-wide. However, the intended aim was achieved, and the core achieved equilibrium.[2]

Nadrin played a key role in the process, preventing entire continents from collapsing and monitoring the release of underground toxins. Though the Archon Szajin retaliated against the Imperial team and Katha Niar perished, Nadrin had survived the ordeal and later reported to Darth Marr that the core reached a safe equilibrium and he was finalizing the isotope-5 extraction techniques.

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